If, as the tried and true saying goes, clothes make the man, then a well-fitted jacket is the foundation upon which his personal style is built. And, for Jeffery Rüdes, a perfectly tailored jacket can tell a lot about the man wearing it. “When I see a guy wearing the right jacket,” he confesses, “it speaks to me and says, ‘this gentleman has style everywhere in his life.’”


Influenced by the street styles found in Milan and Savile Row as much as his own longstanding appreciation for design, Rüdes set out to create a line of clothing for men that would transcend trends while remaining intuitively contemporary. Offering everything from jeans and coats, to sweaters and accessories – the full line compliments the jackets Rüdes views as the touchstone of his collection. Whether worn with ripped jeans and slick rock n’ roll boot or a finely tailored pair of slacks and broken-in leather loafers, “it’s the jacket,” Rüdes playfully remarks, “that ties it all together.”


To design the perfect jacket, Rüdes looked to their fit and cut, paying attention to every detail from the setting of the sleeves and use of canvass lining, to the width of the lapels – neither too wide, nor overly skinny. “Ultimately, he points out, “these are all hallmarks of a classic, go-to jacket that no man should be without.”


And, while underlining his awareness of the quality that goes into a line bearing his name, Rüdes feels his designs will help men be more confident in their daily lives. “When a man is dressed in a way that’s unmistakably cool,” he insists, “there’s also an emotional component to it.” “It may begin with fabric,” he finishes by saying, “but it ends with how you feel.”